Adhyatmik Foundation, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization located in Pennsylvania. Inspired by Professor Dr. Svami R.A.G. Purna, the Foundation is dedicated to the transcription and publication of his teachings and knowledge. Dr. Purna's teachings are based on the  traditional Vedantic philosophy that embraces an understanding of Sanskrit, the Vedic texts, Ayurvedic health tradition, meditation and the practice of yoga as part of everyday life.


 Dr Svami Purna’s unique qualifications and qualities provide the knowledge and true insight that is becoming increasingly rare in today's world.  His background  includes years of austerity and training in the Himalayas and in India's seats of learning, including Varanasi. Svami Purna's method and style are so easy to understand because of their simplicity and clarity.

Through his long standing links in the USA, the UK and India, Dr Svami Purna has established registered non profit organizations in Pennsylvania, London and Delhi. The details for these are as follows:


Adhyatmik Foundation, Inc is a US registered non profit organization based in the Poconos, Pennsylvania. AF (USA) ID No: 71-0597822


Visva Adhyatmik Sansthan (V.A.S.) is a Registered Charity based in London UK.
VAS (UK) Reg No: 276189   website:

World Spiritual Society also called  Wiswa Swasth Sansthan (WSS)is a registered non profit organization based in Delhi, India. WSS (INDIA) Reg No: AS 5711