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Under this heading you will find excerpts of discourses and talks given by Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna Maharaj. It is estimated that there will be a different talk every other month.

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Excerpt from "Body Politics"

In the Vedic tradition all faculties of your body, including your organs, are of equal importance and need to be in balance.  When all are working in balance the result is wellness. A Havan, a fire ceremony, used to be performed to invoke the assistance and energy of the Highest One to achieve this balance. *

 There are powerful mantras which concentrate on the individual organs and faculties; these mantras can become  very useful  tools to achieve strenghtening and balancing of the particular organ or faculty. In general, each mantra is to be repeated seven times, preferably in the morning. 

Om prana prana  - Prana is your life force and it will determine  your departure  from this earth.  Strengthening your prana, your life force, will assist in longevity. Yogis for instance can determine their time of death through management of their prana. Depending on your level of evolution at the moment of leaving your body, prana can exit through any of the seven gates of the body.  This mantra is helpful in fortifying your prana

Om wag- wag – is a mantra to refine your individual speech, to make your speech pleasant and powerful. It can  enhance the power of speech to a point where your words are very persuasive

Om chakchu chakchu  This mantra focuses on the eye, on your vision. It is by invoking the Sun energy that you can make your eye ’bright’, meaning that you do not only see all wordly and mundane things, but you are also able to see through the Third Eye,  to see beyond the physical.

In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna gives the gift of the cosmic vision to Arjuna: “I grant you the Divine Eye, whereby you may see the cosmos…”  When you are being given the divine eye, you can really ‘see’. This mantra is appropriate to open, purify and activate the spiritual eye.  

Om srotam, srotam is the mantra to strengthen and purify the ear, to activate your hearing of those things you do not normally hear.

Om navi navi focuses on the navel, one of the most vital parts in the body as the place where new life is connected.  All communication, all nourishment is channeled through this port.

Om hridiam hridiam, is the mantra to invoke and strengthen heart energy (similar to prana). The heart is so much more than just a pump that circulates the blood through the body.  It is also the seat of the most powerful human emotions, including those that affect the entire body, both negatively and positively depending on the type of emotion. A feeling of ‘love’ can bring a warm delightful sensation of well-being throughout the body. Terms like ‘heartache’ and ‘heartbreak’, describe ‘heartfelt’ emotions with physical sensations that occur in the heart during very strong emotional situations.  Such emotions are made of pure energy, and are named after their physical effects on the body. You could even say that it is your heart that defines you. The heart has its own powerful creative intelligence and is the core of your being.

Om kantha kantha - focuses on the throat, also a source of communication through speech and emotion (lump in the throat) and equally noteworthy since much is processed here, both physically and emotionally and therefore needs to be protected, guarded and strengthened.

Om sirak sirak  centers attention on the head  and the  very important  chrown chakra or Brahmahanda.  Millions of cells are working here, interacting, communicating  and creating electrical impulses. This is the place where genius resides.

Nature has gifted the good brain to some, able to use the maximum of its potential, and even after death, electron-cytochemical activity continues for  considerable time.  This mantra can also help protect the Thousand-Petaled Lotus, the Cosmos, where everything is contained, all memories, etc. 

Om bahuviam jasobalama mantra to strengthen the shoulders is of especial importance for the elderly. Much stress can accumulate in the shoulders, therefore exercise of this area is imperative not only to strengthen, but also to keep the shoulders supple. It is a vital part of Health Management.

Om kartalam kartistam is the mantra effective for the hands.  Hand function is an essential part in the activity of daily living. Dexterity, manifestation of endless skills of making, creating and doing, including communication with hands, both in formal sign language as well as the use of hands as visual aid to emphasize speech are all part of daily activity.  The hands are the most adept and versatile tools of the human body.

Although there are many more mantras pertaining to different parts of the body, these mentioned here are the most  important ones.  Their daily use is highly recommended.



Spirituality and You - Excerpt from "A Way to Live"

Spirituality is a serious business; it is deep and profound.  Do not hide your spirituality; it is the key attribute of life, absolutely the most important thing in life.  Instead, feel proud and honored.  Be grateful that your life is made better and happier.  You are not doing something wrong!  Do not hide your belief for fear of negative feedback from the ignorant.  Some of you develop a kind of insecurity because you pay too much attention to the opinions of others. On the other hand, some people will ask you questions with the express purpose of starting an argument and even try to ridicule you. You have to learn to be sensitive to the seriousness and genuineness of a question. Do not share what is sacred to you with the profane mind.

Whatever others might do, let them get on with it.  You follow your own path; do your own spiritual practice.  If you are a vegetarian, be proud that you are not part of the killing.  You believe in non-violence.  You lead a healthy life, believe in truth and non-violence, in fairness, sharing and caring --- why would you want to hide yourself?

Yet if someone really wants to know, you can explain.  There is much ignorance in people, but also curiosity … If you explain, others can learn.  You do not belong to a secret society; on the contrary, everything is “open plan”.  One has to be clear in one’s own mind.  The trouble is that when you become different from the crowd you may develop a tendency to feel “guilty”, that you have something to hide.

It is important to develop your self-confidence, your inner sense of security.  Hiding often results in the opposite: Unwanted exposure!  If you are able to explain properly, able to discuss clearly, then there is no problem.  Of course you have to have confidence in your own self and reflect this confidence. When you are able to present yourself, others will appreciate and respect you if they have any sense of fairness. 

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Guru Purnima

Many spiritual Masters – such as Buddha - have chosen the full moon as the time for annual celebration, rather than celebrating their physical birthdays. Many prefer Guru Purnima – the day of the Guru (spiritual Teacher, Master or guide) falling on the full moon of July/August. This is the day designated for those who are committed to the teachings (often called “disciples/students”) to demonstrate and renew their commitment and love toward their Guru and to follow the spiritual path. It is also a day for the Guru to assess the development of the disciples and the disciples to submit their commitment, as well as to evaluate how far they have come - and more importantly, how much further they have to go - as they integrate the spiritual path, awareness and practice into their lives as a whole. Key to this reflection and assessment is the concept of responsibility for self and a holistic approach to life, applying the spiritual teaching to everyday life and becoming self-sufficient while assisting fellow travelers on the path.



Competition and Comparison

Excerpt from "Body Politics"   

I have always taught people two things: Do not compete and do not compare.
Unfortunately these two categories are part of the human culture, whether in schools, at work or at home. It is my very strong advice: DON’T! Each person is unique with different talents and capabilities, but when you start to compete and compare you are in trouble. It happens all over the world. People actually destroy themselves through anger, jealousy, hatred and rivalry, all triggered by comparison and competition. It is really sad that time and again people become victim of that tendency. Spiritual practice absolutely rejects this tendency. However, there is nothing wrong in getting inspired by someone who has achieved something you want. Therefore, just learn and get inspired by others.

Few people realize that the tendency to degrade and demean another in order to promote one's own image does more harm to oneselfthan to intended person. There is an all too common habit to humiliate a neighbor, friend or rival. The media enables millions to witness widespread propaganda aimed at exposing and undermining a competitor. Demeaning another profits no one, whereas the effort to raise oneself and one's qualities enriches all.

Mahatma Gandhi voiced a thought on this issue: "It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honored by the humiliation of their fellow beings."

Try to remember this: On the spiritual path you cannot compare or compete. All of you have equal importance. Om Shanti.

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