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Excerpt from: Managing the World Crisis

Nowadays much political talk is about global warming and global poverty.  The vast majority of the world population is poor and starving. Yet all the suffering, pain and torture people inflict on each other in ignorance is created by them unnecessarily. That is my point: only when ignorance is removed can enlightenment follow, and a return to the golden age.  As long as ignorance prevails, however, there will be more exploitation, engendering more ego, then again more exploitation, followed by ever more suffering, and more pain.  Only if ignorance is removed, will ego and exploitation also vanish; the mighty ‘I am’:  King, Queen, Prime Minister, President, this, that and all the other labels people have attached to themselves and their environment will cease to exist. 

One well known man I met explained to me that he had made a lot of money in his life and yet he felt empty and unhappy.  Fortunately for him he was able to realize that his was a spiritual emptiness and this realization offered him a chance to change. He was aware that he could only feel rich when spiritually fulfilled.   But how many truly wealthy people realize that their unhappiness is related to their spiritual poverty?

When we make the statement:  “I am this, I am that” then a mountainous ego makes its appearance followed by a huge façade and this creates ever increasing gaps between people.  However, if following Vedantic teachings, people can instead say “I am Brahman (Aham Brahasmi) the Ultimate, and Absolute– and so are you, (Tat Tvam Asi)” Such statements can only be made on the purest level.  When, on the material level - on the basic human level - you say: “I am this or that”, then you create an ego like a balloon, which, filled with air, only needs one pin prick to deflate it.  The world has a puffed up ego and when you do not realize who you actually are, then that ignorance leads to a totally distorted perception of what is and who you are.          

Your perception is important, how you perceive and how you discriminate. Once your perception is right, there will be no problem.  It is like mathematical calculations; you cannot be half right and half wrong.  So once you get your numbers right, all is right and all is well.

The world is going through many crises. People need to learn to talk to each other, to communicate within cultures, and belief systems.  The world is a global village today: events in any part of the world are noted everywhere else.  You are exposed to the world and there is no escape. You cannot hide, you cannot escape and you are cornered. You need to have debates and face the Truth although many people in the world are governed by their fears. You may have held a belief for most of your life and suddenly it is proved wrong, highlighting your ignorance. Since it is the nature of things to change and to be in transition and evolution you have to examine and re-evaluate everything continuously. 

In a recent article in Time Magazine someone raised the question: ‘Do we need religion?’  Until recently no one really wanted to deal with this topic.  It seems that there is some interest now to examine our believe system.  We need many new definitions and clarification including God.

The world is at a critical stage and so far people have avoided key topics. In future there will be no other choice but to discuss human understanding of all kind of issues.  During an open debate a lot of things will emerge.  Vedanta encourages you to question:  Why are you here, what is your purpose, why are you doing anything?  Use your physical faculties to examine these questions. Contemplate: what are we all doing to each other today, what do we want and why? 

To reach a solution there has to be a universal debate; everyone needs to participate, not just a select few.  In the meantime you should find your own solution.  Look at whatever problem you may have before anyone else has to tell you.  It is better to be your own teacher rather than someone else having to tell you what to do.  Become your own true teacher where you can apply the knowledge.  Secrets and formulae have been given to help you become self sufficient. Such ‘secrets’ are actually fundamental human rights; they are not trade secrets which are closely guarded to prevent financial loss. In spirituality however, there are no financial concerns, there is no money. The only currency is caring love.



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