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The Last Resort

It is important for the human being to question life, to find out. The need to grow out of present situations without getting stuck is an ongoing process of growth. Often this can take place very quietly, barely noticeably; then suddenly all is new, all is changed. There may be new insights, new understanding, new attitudes … growth has taken place without disturbance.

Yet at other times, there is a constant fight, both without and within. The fight against one’s lower self goes on all the time. Eventually, often after much struggle, pain and suffering, growth does take place. Karmic situations will always happen; life can present you suddenly with great fortune or seeming disaster. But if you are prepared for whatever might happen; if you are ready to apply mind and effort to do everything possible to handle the situation calmly and efficiently, you will avoid feeling like a victim. However, if all fails, if you feel overwhelmed by events and situations there is always a last resort: Prayer.

Prayer is a state of opening yourself to higher vibrations, to a power that is not bound by your own human limitations. You do the talking, releasing the pent up energies, opening heart and mind spontaneously, trusting that your plea will be heard and understood. Yet you do not force yourself to pray – you have to be in the right frame of mind, not motivated by religious dictates and dogma. At the same time you have to ward against laziness and excuses.

It is good to engage the mind in something positive, something that appeals to the mind. Dogmatic imposition does not open the gate for further growth. If dogma and unbending discipline take over, the freedom to explore and find out is gone. Discipline is essential, but do not become its fanatical slave. Rather balance discipline with flexibility. When there is interest combined with practice prayer becomes a joyful experience.

There are some militant preachers who insist that prayers need to be recited out loud to be effective. In answer to such beliefs let me quote the mystic poet Kabir: “Why make such a noise … is God deaf?”

Then what can be considered the best kind of prayer? How about giving God the responsibility of taking care of you, saying: “You do what is best for me”?

This attitude will prevent you from figuring and analyzing, from scheming and bartering for what you feel you want or need. Instead you are appealing to someone who is fair. You take refuge; and once you have taken refuge, you do not have to repeat it again and again. You have handed over your difficulties and the responsibility now lies with GOD.

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