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Laws of Nature and Laws of Men

It is sad that there is a tendency to forget the wonderful bounties Mother Nature has given to us. The elements of nature contain powerful and life-giving energy which is within us and around us.  The majority of man-made laws are contrary to the laws of nature throughout the world and most individual practices therefore are equally contrary to the laws of nature. When the individual practices of the laws of men are not aligned with the laws of nature then anything designed by men will fail.  Man has to align his practices according to the forces of Nature.

Ultimately natural forces will always prevail. We had mentioned that some people in the US, concerned where the trend of politics was going, tried to establish a “Natural Law Party”.  It may not be easy to overcome stereotypical thinking, but when all man-made laws are aligned according to the laws of nature, then things will work very much better on Planet Earth. When you develop a childlike attitude to the natural forces, Mother Nature will take good care of you.

There is a story of Kali, the personification of the most destructive energy of Mother Nature. Kali also represents the highest form of transformation, the Absolute itself. She received her name because she devours Kala (Time).

The tale goes that at a time when the world was threatened by overwhelming negativities and the abuse of Mother Nature – in the analogy of demons - Siva had had enough and he asked his wife Parvati to destroy the demons to save the world. Thus Parvati transformed herself into Kali, ferocious in appearance and unleashed her terrible anger on the demons until there were none left.  Kali’s anger was so intense; she became so intoxicated by her aroused fury that the entire humanity was in danger of being destroyed. Something had to be done. Several High Beings decided to approach Lord Siva to deal with Kali’s anger, pleading:  “We cannot manage the anger of Kali, we request you to contain Kali’s forces.”  Lord Siva was also concerned, thinking her anger being so much more powerful that she may not even recognize me in her state as Kali. He decided to lie himself down in the path of Kali -  and as she was passing, she stepped on her Lord Siva.  Startled and looking down, she recognized Siva, her anger evaporated and she became Parvati again.

It would be prudent to heed the analogy: When you become infused with a childlike attitude of complete innocence and trust you are protected, but when you are ruled by ego, you will be destroyed.  It is ego itself that destroys you.  There is no one who has survived with a prominent ego. Look at history; especially look at the so-called “mighty and powerful”.

A book has been written called “Untergang” (Downfall) that focuses on the last days of Hitler.  He had changed history yet the book illustrates the complete disintegration of Hitler in mind, body and soul.  It shows how helpless he became in the end when he could see no way out but to instruct his companions to take his life. There was no option left for him.  In the end he was totally helpless.  It was the same with Napoleon – left on St. Helena, unable to help himself; the only pleasure he had was to play with the children of his Guard.  There are countless examples, in history as well as in the present, of the destructive force of individual ego gone rampant.  

To rephrase: before the power of natural forces all creatures are nothing, yet especially when the human ego will feed you with thoughts that you are powerful, beautiful, smart, and so on, endowing you with countless wonderful attributes which are nothing but a veil, that veil will keep you locked in illusion.  Ego will tempt you with the appearance of countless characteristics that might appeal to you.

On the spiritual path there is only one thing you can give to your Master and that is your ego – you give your ego by being humble and He/She will free you from your ego, but as long as you are the victim of your own ego, you will get nowhere.  In fact, you are getting progressively weaker as time goes by. Then the thought enters:  I used to be so strong, what ever happened?

At one time you may have been able to “kick” people, to assert yourself, but now one kick can knock you down.  This is the effect of time: once you were powerful and now you are weak.  However if you have prudently gathered the spiritual force, you will always be strong. Spiritual force does not diminish and will maintain your strength.

Those involved in the performance of arts for instance have a tendency to worry about age; they live in constant fear of ageing, particularly in the western society which only admires the slim, the young and the beautiful.

Many governments would prefer you to be “gone” after retirement when you are no longer productive in the job market. Then they could avoid having to pay the pension.  It seems that no one really wants the retirees.  This is cruel, but it is the reality of the world we live in. You need to be aware of that, and this is why you have to develop your own strength.  You need spiritual strength; you need to recognize the true energy within you, the true light and the true life. Your true life, the force within you, is the Ultimate Force.  That force is part of you.  You have both light and dark forces within you; you have both, shadow and light, a light side and a dark side.  That duality is within you and part of you.  But it is up to you to decide which one you choose. Both sides are powerful. The power of light is the real power, whereas the dark side is always the destructive side.  Once you can recognize the natural forces within you, you will also appreciate nature as part of you, integrated within you.


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