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Time and again I have been asked about initiation.  There are so many different ideas that there is as much confusion as there are wild concepts about the subject.  What is the actual meaning of initiation?

Like anything else initiation has been commercialized.  It seems that everyone is giving it and bestowing everyone receiving it with instant ‘mastership’ and ‘guruship’.

In the spiritual marketplace a lot of forces are available, especially in North America: you pay the required amount of dollars and maybe in a few weeks you get a certificate and you can start practicing.  That is the tendency in modern times.  Almost everything is used, utilized and/or exploited for commercial use.

There are many stages and aspects of initiation. For instance, conception is a form of initiation; birth is a form of initiation and each stage of life presents another form of initiation.

In addition, however, both spiritually and traditionally, initiation has great meaning.  Although there are many stages and endless aspects, in the spiritual sense initiation takes place when the true Guru imparts the sacred knowledge to the worthy disciple.  He initiates you into the path of spirituality.  For that matter, when any Teacher decides to give secret knowledge to a disciple or student that is initiation.  You could compare spiritual initiation to giving the secret of atomic power to a student.  Thus, any secret knowledge, formula, tools or keys imparted to a student to enhance knowledge and understanding regarding the mysteries of life, joy and bliss, is initiation.

Initiation is a course on various levels.  Sometimes I am asked what I can offer, what I can give.  Well, it is never a question of what I can give, but what and how much you can handle, process and implement. To what extent are you capable of digesting, applying, experiencing, and living the sacred knowledge?  Have you purified yourself in body, mind, ego and emotion to be able to handle that kind of powerful energy?  I have spoken many times of the subtle body being the transformer for the high spiritual energy to be manifested by the individual. Only once you have purified the subtle body with its four entities: intellect, mind, ego and emotion, will the divine light and knowledge be able to shine through into your consciousness.

Some people are satisfied with little and do not want more responsibility.  By way of example, someone may have a salary of five hundred dollars and is satisfied with this. He does not want to handle more, although his possibilities of earning more are endless.  I am using this example because people can relate to money. This is a very real example. The same person, when placed in the position that would bring five thousand dollars, does not want that responsibility.  Money is also power of a different kind and requires responsibility and wisdom and can equally be misused.  The point is: how much knowledge, energy and power can you utilize, handle or integrate for your own balanced growth?  I always allow people limitless opportunity to grow and learn mentally and spiritually.  The question is: Can you handle it? The sky is the limit.  Space is infinite, so is power, so is energy and so is life.

There have been countless examples of humans who were given sudden power.  The problem is that when you are given that kind of power and if you are unprepared or your motivation is selfish, there can be misuse, even corruption.  History is full of people who were given power and have misused that power: Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon – to name but a few. 

The question is always: how do you use such tremendous force or energy? It is for that reason that the true Master will not initiate unless the disciple is prepared and fit for handling this kind of power.

In the area of initiation there is something called shakti path.  It is the act of bestowing spiritual power upon the disciple when the time is right and when the disciple can be considered fit and worthy to receive. When the disciple can hold the powerful energy and not misuse it, it can happen that he wakes up and suddenly is filled with power.  The disciple may have the power to convince people, to persuade, to heal, to give and to make people strong and to get what he wants. That is shakti path; you may say something, make some kind of a statement or request and everyone will comply without question.  Shakti path is like power falling upon you – like apples from a tree.  Mystical power is amazing.

A spiritual initiation is a mystical experience.  It is private and individual, rather than collective. You should keep that energy confidential as it is sacred and secret.  You should preserve and utilize this power to further your own spiritual advancement.  The same applies when you are being given a mantra.  When a sacred mantra has been given to you personally; it should not be disclosed to anyone.  It is for the individual and it is confidential.  Therefore, spiritual initiation may be regarded as a rite of passage that takes the aspirant from one level of functioning and from one level of consciousness to the next.



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