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Constructive Anger -The Story of Tulsidas


There are times when anger can be constructive and creative too.  When you follow the path of yoga, you can become creative in the state of in anger.

In Vedic times there once was a man who was married at a very young age.  He was very much in love and so attached to his new young wife that he could not tolerate any separation from her. When one day she decided to visit her mother for a few days,  the young man missed her so much that blinded by his love and attachment to his young bride he decided to follow her to her mother’s house.

It was difficult journey; the monsoon had brought heavy rain, flooding the small streams and turning them into torrents of gushing waters. As he came to a wide river, he saw no boat with which to cross to and he decided to brave the currents and swim across. The current was powerful but he found what in his haste he took for a floating log, and holding on to it he was totally unaware that the “log” was actually a dead body floating in the river…

Eventually as he reached his mother-in-law’s house, late at night,  he could not wait to go to the door but wanted to climb up to his wife’s window expecting her to be happily surprised.  He noticed what he assumed to be a vine hanging outside the house and nimbly proceeded to climb up on what in fact was a large snake. But so besotted was he that he was totally oblivious of the reality of the situation.

Finally facing his wife he met with quite an unexpected reception.  Instead of kissing and hugging him for the show of his ‘great love’ his wife greeted him irritated and upset at this overabundance of devotion, and scolded him thoroughly.  “You risked your life to simply reach your wife, just gone for a few days?  You have that much attachment to me, to this bundle of flesh, that you overcame all these obstacles?  Well, if you had used only 1% of this energy for your spiritual attainment, you would be enlightened by now….!”

That was a shock!  The scolded husband was absolutely stunned by these words, and equally upset and angry.

“After all I did, all I went through to be with her, she does not even appreciate my love and devotion.  She does not deserve my love…” He was very angry indeed.  After some time however, when he had cooled down, common sense and awareness prevailed. For some time he pondered the words of his wife and finally he made the decision to do exactly as she had outlined in her scolding.  “Now I will make it my goal to become enlightened and I will only see her again when I have achieved this goal.” Such was his determination.

In the heat of the situation this young man had been angry enough to have killed, yet he was able to transform his anger into a positive force; he realized that he had been blinded by his love ever since his marriage, and that her harsh comments had actually helped him to truly ‘see’.

Thereafter he considered his wife to be his first guru and asked for her blessing to shift his obsessive love into a spiritual pursuit…  Thus this man once obsessed by the love for his wife truly became enlightened and has become known as the famous mystic poet Tulsidas and author of  “The Ramcharitmanasa”.




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