Monthly Techniques for Relaxation

The following samples of relaxation with guided imagery are dedicated to those who wish to unwind after a hectic day.  Basic relaxation is complemented by peaceful and stress free images to benefit body and mind.  We plan to bring a diversity of images  - the 4 seasons, ocean, forests,  meadows and many more serene vistas.  Enjoy and renew.



Heart Light

There is a simple exercise for radiating light and love into your environment:

Prepare a tall, plain white lighted candle and place it before you. Now make yourself comfortable sitting in front of this candle with your back and neck in straight alignment.

Let your body relax and breathe slowly and evenly for some time

Now gaze steadily at the flame … you may blink your eyes as is comfortable, just continue to gaze at the flame ... see the wick, the center of the flame and notice how its aura spills out and around

If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the focus on the candle. 

After a while close your eyes and visualize the flame and its aura in the center of your chest, its radiance spilling out beyond the confines of your body …   You may wish to "send" this soothing, healing light to someone who is troubled, afraid or sick … just visualize the light of your heart surrounding that person, accompanied by your loving thoughts …  Remain in this state for as long as feels comfortable …

Through practice you can develop this ability to "shine", creating a healing and soothing effect on your environment by your own positive energy.  Do you ever have the urge to improve the world and don't know how?   By becoming this flame … this constant positive energy field, you will do the greatest service to the world, to your family and friends  - and to yourself.

Once you are able to visualize the candle's flame without the candle actually standing in front of you, you can incorporate projecting its light while you are in deep relaxation.


Journey on a Cloud


Relax your body in the preferred manner, observing your breath as it begins to slow down and your mind begins to relax
Now imagine yourself lying in a large, comfortable hammock, hanging between 2 large shady willow trees.  It is a warm day and you feel comfortable, even a little drowsy. The air is still and a butterfly is tumbling around you.  Somewhere near you hear the soft drone of a bee … It is a relaxing, almost sleepy kind of sound. Gently you sway to and fro in your hammock, making the most of this moment.  Sleepily you glance upward to a deep blue sky with fluffy patches of white … big billowing clouds that are moving very slowly overhead … you try to follow them with your eyes and observe them as they slowly change shape …

There is one cloud that seems to be hanging right overhead:  It is a nice cloud, a friendly sort of cloud … and as you continue to lazily watch it with half open eyes, you get the impression that the cloud seems to be coming closer and closer still … Yes, the cloud is slowly descending towards you.  You want to keep watching it, but your eyes are so heavy, you feel so sleepy … your eyes are beginning to close … and you just give in and relax into this drowsy sensation, feeling, safe and comfortable …

Gradually you perceive a cool, refreshing sensation over your entire body … you know you have been enveloped by this cloud and it is a delightful and most comforting feeling: cool, fresh, light … light as a feather … there is no fear.  You know you are safe in this relaxed and dreamlike state … Then, barely noticeably, you feel the cloud lifting you ever so gently … lifting you out of your hammock and slowly up … up into the blue …

You are now floating in the clear blue sky, lying on the soft, cool cloud, and for a moment you just enjoy this feeling of weightlessness in the blue clarity of the sky.         


Gently you roll over and peek down over the edge of your cloud … there is the countryside below … you see little patches of woods, fields with small silver streams meandering through them, glittering like quicksilver in the reflecting rays of the sun … Small farms are dotted here and there, you notice some grazing cows … even tiny tractors that look like toys … What a tranquil view this is.  You are at peace with yourself … enjoying the view.  Life is not complicated from this perspective … everything has its place and its reason to be.  There is no worry, no strife, just life and its ever-changing forms of energy… a constant becoming … Weightlessly you continue to drift on your cloud, treasuring the moment …         

                                        (Extended pause)

You have been traveling for some time now in this dreamlike state … and you notice your cloud descending, softly … very gently … Soon you can see the willow trees with your hammock … You become aware of gradually, slowly drifting down to your special place … light as a feather …  to be gently placed back into your hammock.  You wiggle yourself into a comfortable position and let out a little sigh.

Above you the cloud is gradually drifting off into the distance.  Relaxed and refreshed you ponder your experience.  You look about your familiar place and you wonder:  "Was it really just a dream?"

Slowly become aware of your surroundings again … become aware of your body and your surroundings.  Take a deep breath, feeling new energy entering your system … gently move hands and feet.  Take another deep breath, raise your shoulders and stretch your legs.

Finally, when you are ready, open your eyes.  Take notice of how you feel.



Enchanted Tower

Before you settle down for your relaxation and guided imagery, briefly check to see that your clothing is comfortable.  Loosen any tight belts or laces; adjust whatever feels restrictive.

Now, sitting with your spine straight, both feet on the floor, hands loosely in your lap or by your side, gently close your eyes …  Observe the breath for a few moments …  watch it go in and out …  Do not try to control the rhythm of the breath, just let it rise and fall naturally.  Notice your breath entering your nose… and leaving your nose … for a little while just stay with your breath, see if you can keep your attention on its rhythm and on nothing else …

If your mind begins to wander, gently bring it back to your breathing.  Gradually you will notice your breath slowing down, becoming very soft and quiet, relaxing the whole body … quieting the mind … and as the mind settles, thoughts rest.

Visualize yourself walking in a wild forest, on a crisp, golden autumn evening.  The wind soughs through the tall trees and the wild beauty of this place touches your heart.  From a rise in the forest you notice an old tower in the distance, bathed in the red-golden light of the setting sun.  The tower arouses your curiosity.  Besides, you need to find shelter for the night ...  It is still quite a long way and by the time you reach the pine clearing with the old tower, the last rays of the sun have withdrawn.  The air is chilly now and filled with the resinous scent of the surrounding pine trees. You puzzle a while about this tower of seemingly ancient design, yet in excellent condition.  You feel comfortable here.

There is an atmosphere of peace and serenity.  You continue to explore.

Some mossy stairs lead up to the door of the tower … it opens easily and you see before you an old spiral staircase.  Your sense of adventure encourages you to climb - you also have the distinct feeling that you are meant to be here. It is quite a climb, but finally you arrive in a curious circular room at the top of the tower. 

Through the open casement you can see the dark blue night sky.  A full moon is rising now above the trees and in its growing light you notice drying herbs along the walls, filling the air with a warm and pleasant fragrance.  The place is clean, dry and comfortable.  You decide to stay the night.

As you settle down, bathed in the soft light of the moon, you think about the symbolism of the moon … its waxing and waning … the constant cycle of its phases … and you begin to understand its many lessons.  You understand that darkness and light are in constant fluctuation, as are the tides … as are your own emotions and understanding.

You acknowledge that life consists of peaks and valleys, ups and downs, happiness and sadness, and that, like the moon, life is in a constant state of transformation … You realize too that the darkness of the New Moon can herald the beginning of awareness of the spirit.  It can bring the birth of new understanding, allowing new light to dawn.  This realization of Truth brings you comfort and uplifts you, and with gratitude for the lessons of Mother Moon, you drift into peaceful sleep … as the scene fades from your mind…

Take your time returning to wakefulness … becoming conscious of your body and your surroundings.  Begin to move hands and feet gently, take a deep breath … let go and stretch your entire body.  When you are ready, open your eyes.


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