Monthly Techniques for Relaxation

The following samples of relaxation with guided imagery are dedicated to those who wish to unwind after a hectic day.  Basic relaxation is complemented by peaceful and stress free images to benefit body and mind.  We plan to bring a diversity of images  - the 4 seasons, ocean, forests,  meadows and many more serene vistas.  Enjoy and renew.



Winter Reflection

Choose the method of relaxation you prefer …

Visualize yourself on a cold winter's evening out in the country, just after a fresh snowfall. The wind has died down and all is still. The only sound you can hear is the soft crunch of snow under your feet as you walk down a small, winding country lane...

A full moon has risen, its light reflecting off the virgin snow, making the night very bright. You can see your footprints in the new snow and you are conscious of being the first to walk through this pristine landscape. The lane winds through snow-covered meadows and fields, framed by the tall, dark silhouette of a pine grove a little way off. There seems to be a farmhouse nearby; the aroma of baking bread drifts on the chill air...

As you continue on your walk, you marvel at the way the moonlight sparkles on the smooth layers of snow. You stop a while to absorb the beauty and the feeling of peace of this magical winter's night. The silence around you is complete ... comforting ... and as you reflect on the tranquil beauty before you, you are filled with a sense of wonder, of complete reassurance ... all is well ... you are not alone...

You know that moments like these are special, unique gifts of Nature that soothe the human heart and uplift the human spirit ... Stay with these feelings for a while as you continue to look at this scene of silver moonlight on the freshly fallen snow...

Slowly let your awareness return to your surroundings...



Rainbow Imagery 

Relax in the usual manner, sitting comfortably in a chair, feet on the floor, your back straight, hands loosely in your lap.  Focus on the rhythm of your breathing for  a few moments and feel your body relax more with each outgoing breath as you release all the tensions and stresses of the day.

Close your eyes gently and imagine before you a most beautiful rainbow.  Observe the brilliance and clarity of the colors as they vibrate before you.  . .  Now allow one of these colors to be come brighter and more noticeable... and gently place it above your head.  yes, you can do that.  This may be your favorite color or not, try not to analyze why this color presents itself to you.   As your color vibrates above your head, visualize it turning into a liquid light which is slowly flowing down towards you...

Now let the color flow into your head... it is a good and comfortable feeling, soothing and healing, bringing much peacefulness.  Feel it flow through your head and face, easing all nerves and cells it touches.   Allow yourself to enjoy the peaceful feeling it brings as it washes away all tightness and tension in your face.  You whole head is filled with the radiant aura of your color.

Now let the color wash down through your neck, into your shoulders and arms.  It is getting brighter and richer as it moves and flows through your body.  Feel the aliveness of this energy in your upper body, feel it move and circulate through your inner organs, leaving them fresh and vibrant and healthy.   This is a very powerful, yet gentle energy which quietly fills all your muscles and cells.

It is now cascading through your abdomen and hips, and flowing down into your legs. Imagine your legs to be open channels filled with the circulating power of your color . . .  It is an easy, light and satisfied feeling that has washed away any stress you started with, leaving you fresh, free and open . . .

Finally let the liquid light flow out through the bottom of your feet - as though you are providing an outlet for the light to continue flowing.  You are a channel filled with light.  Every part of you is open and breathing peacefully. . .Now something remarkable is happening.  As the light pours out of your feet, it is returning to the top of your head, recycling itself in a marvelous circle of light which has one purpose only:  To bring healing energy to your body and mind, affecting you on every level.  Let it happen .  Experience all it brings to you . . .

Slowly let your friend, your color begin to leave you.  It has done its work well.   Gradually feel it leaving  your head . . . your shoulders. . . your torso, abdomen and back . . .finally departing from your hips and gently leaving your legs...   Let it pour out of your feet and see it  return to the ocean of  rainbow light.  

Slowly become aware of your surroundings again, bringing with you the peaceful energy you have experienced. 

If this relaxation/Visualization is done is  a group setting, you may wish to have it followed by a discussion.  For instance:  What was your color?  What healing effects did you experience from your color?

Explanation of colors:
Red -life energy
Blue - peace and inspiration
Green -  growth and physical good health
Yellow - intellect, good for physical bone structure
Purple - spirituality, change of habit, sobriety




Make yourself comfortable either in a chair or on the floor.  Close your eyes gently and begin to notice your breathing.  Observe how the breath goes in and out and follow it for a moment. Try not to consciously regulate your breathing, just follow the natural rhythm of your breath …

 Now imagine that you are out in the country.  There is a little shaded glen. It is a beautiful place, clean and peaceful. The birds are singing and you feel good.   From a distance you hear the sound of water and you follow the sound until you discover a little stream fed by a waterfall.

The water is clear and inviting and you decide to step in.  You may take off your clothing if you feel like it - there is no one around.  You feel perfectly safe and comfortable here …

                                                                1-2 minute pause

 The water is just the right temperature and very refreshing … You move right under the waterfall, letting the clear water wash over you.  You can breathe easily and the water feels wonderful.   As the water washes over your head and face, you notice that it washes away all tension and tightness. Worries and concerns dissolve, as the water washes over your face down your neck and over the shoulders in a gentle massage.   It continues to flow down your arms and off the fingertips, leaving your arms feeling refreshed and cleansed. 

The water is invigorating as it cascades over your chest and back, over the abdomen and hips and finally washing down the legs, removing the last traces of stress and anxiety.  You begin to feel renewed as you enjoy the flow of water over your body.

                                                           2-3 minute pause

 Very slowly you come out of the water.  The sun is warm, there is a gentle warm wind and your body dries quickly.  You put on your clothes again and take another look at this picturesque and peaceful spot … then gently let the scene fade from your mind, taking with you the relaxed and refreshed feeling.  

Slowly let your awareness return to your surroundings, become aware of your body and of your breathing.  Give your body a gentle stretch and when you are ready … open your eyes.  Observe how your body feels.

 Suggestion:  play a tape with the sound of a small stream or waterfall




A Walk in the Forest

It is good to lie down during this relaxation, but if it is more convenient to you, you can sit up in a comfortable chair, feet on the floor and hands loosely in your lap.  Let your spine be straight and for a few moments focus only on your breath ...  Observe how the breath goes in and out ... in and out.  With each outgoing breath consciously release all conflicts, stresses and tensions... With each ingoing breath visualize clear, pure energy entering your body ...  Say to yourself:  "I now release all resistance ... all anxiety and fear ... and I take in peace and harmony...” (repeat)

Feel your body relax with this suggestion ... There is a pleasant, relaxed sensation in your feet now ... in your legs ... in your hips ... and in your abdomen ...  The feeling of warm relaxation spreads to your spine and back ... into your chest and into your shoulders ...  Your arms are free from tension now ... and so is your neck ...  All muscles in your face relax and your body rests comfortably and quietly. You are at ease ... let thoughts and outside disturbance go without much notice... the mind rests.

Now visualize yourself in a beautiful forest. It is the kind of forest you especially like.   It is quiet, it is peaceful.  Tall trees reach to majestic heights. A path opens in front of you and you follow it, unafraid … Walking along the path, you become aware of the softness of the earth beneath your feet … cushioning every step you take.

As you continue on your way, you notice ferns of every variety growing along the path between clumps of rock.  You stop to look at a small cluster of fern for a moment, growing there unconcerned in between the rocks. Nearby a ladybug struggles up the stem of a wild flower ... falls off ... and climbs again.  You realize that both ladybug and flower are sharing this moment together; each is allowing the other to be part of its experience.   There is communion between these two ...there is cooperation ... there is allowing ... just as there is between the rocks and the ferns.

Your glance catches a tiny snake, sunning itself.  If the thought of a snake bothers you, please try to remember that, like all else, the snake too has a place in creation.  Like you, it has a purpose and a right to be, and as you watch the little creature absorbing the life-giving warmth of the sun, you understand the harmonious relationship between both.


You come to a clearing now and in the clear blue sky you see some birds circling on silky wings, high above the treetops in unison with the currents of air which carry them. You observe other birds nesting in the trees ... and you know that the birds and trees are in agreement.  You hear the breeze rustling through the trees and you know that both, breeze and trees are singing the same song together …

There is a spot of soft green moss inviting you to sit down and rest for a while.  You look around and you realize that the whole forest is in harmony. Every plant and animal, every insect is sharing its experience of the moment with another.  Each has its place, its purpose to fulfill … all are in harmonious agreement, giving way to each other, supporting the Whole …

And quietly, slowly you come to understand that you too are part of the forest.  You have as much right to be here, as do the trees, the birds, the ferns, flowers and the animals.  The Earth Mother on which you are standing is holding you, embracing you and providing for you.  You belong.  The peace and serenity of the forest is yours to experience and to hold.


The entire forest is sharing itself with you …not just part of it, but all of it.  You belong here.  You are the beloved child of the Earth … you are Mother Earth's beloved child and she welcomes you home …be at home … be at peace…  be at One . . .

                                              (Extended pause)

 As you come out of your relaxation, take time to gently awaken your body.  Take a few deep breaths and slowly begin to move hands and feet.  Give your whole body a gentle stretch … relax again … and when you are ready, open your eyes.   Observe how you feel.



The Flower Garden

Lie down and make yourself comfortable.  Briefly check that your body is straight, then gently close eyes and mouth.

Observe your breath for a few moments … watch it go in and out … You can use the rhythm of the breath to relax the whole body, tensing each part in turn as you inhale and relaxing it as you exhale.

Begin with your feet … inhale and tense … exhale and release the tension. Now move to the calves … the thighs … breathing in and out … breathe into the back and spine … breathe out and let go of all tension.  Continue with the abdomen … the chest … the shoulders … the arms … the neck, tensing during each inhalation and relaxing during exhalation.   Then turn your attention to your face … to your scalp … breathing in … letting go … Continue to breathe smoothly, releasing any remaining tension with the outgoing breath.

Quiet the mind by letting all your thoughts float away like clouds in a clear blue sky … As you begin to enter the silence of your being, visualize a beautiful garden.  Let it be all you wish it to be …


Slowly walking into the garden, you see that there is a place where you can leave all the burdens you are carrying with you, the worries … the anger … the frustrations of the day … in fact, any thoughts that are keeping you from being totally happy and free.  Place them down in the space left for you.


Now look around and notice all the different, glorious flowers … Find one that attracts you particularly and sit down in front of it.  Look at it, touch it … notice the feel of the petals, the stem, the leaves …

Inhale its fragrance …then ask the flower to share its essence with you.

Let yourself blend with the flower, feel yourself as the flower … notice how you feel being rooted to the ground … how the wind sways you gently in its breeze … the warming rays of the sun … feel your skin become as the petals and let yourself be bathed in the flower's perfume …

The sun begins to set and you become aware of a cool evening breeze,  the appearance of the stars … the bright sliver of the moon … and the healing stillness of the night.  


With the breaking of dawn feel the dew on your petals and merge into the poignant stillness of all Nature.

Now the sun rises again.  You absorb its warming light.  Thank the flower for sharing its essence with you.  Once more, saturate your being with the scent of the flower and the feeling of oneness you have experienced … Know that you can return to this communion with the flower at any time.  Then slowly let the scene fade from your mind.

Become aware of your breathing and of your body lying quietly … Slowly begin to move fingers and toes.  Take a few deep breaths … and stretch your body gently.  Turn onto your right side for a moment … then move onto your left side, keeping the body quite straight … roll back onto your back, and when you are ready open your eyes.  Observe how you feel.