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Infinite Ocean

beach.jpgMake yourself comfortable on the floor or in a chair, keeping spine and neck in alignment … arms relaxed by your side or in your lap … then close your eyes gently.
Now focus on your breathing … remember that the breath and the mind are closely connected. By controlling the breath and making it very slow, you are calming the mind. This calm is essential to good health.

Now relax each limb of your body. Start by giving the toes a gentle shake … then relax them … relax the ankles and the lower legs … the knees … the thighs … the hips. Wherever there is a joint, concentrate on relaxing there, the upper and lower limbs will automatically relax. In the same manner release all tension and tightness in your spine and back … relax your navel area … and feel the entire abdomen relax. Relax your chest, so heart and lungs will benefit … then the shoulders, relaxing the arms. Continue with the forehead to relax face and scalp.
The entire body is now completely relaxed … breathe slowly and evenly and quiet the mind. Know that all is well. You are safe and secure. All your needs are taken care of.

Now visualize yourself lying on a beach. Make it the most beautiful beach you have ever seen. Notice the color of the sand and the clarity of the water. Slowly walk down to the water ... go in to where you feel comfortable ... then lie down and float on the water ... Allow the water to support you entirely . . . allow the motion of the water to lull you and to comfort you ... Relax completely into the water, knowing at all times that you are completely safe ...
Now allow yourself to go under the water ... imagine yourself swimming effortlessly, as though the water were your home ... you can breathe easily, as though you were on dry land. Swim around and explore all the pretty rocks and plants you see ... look at the many fish swimming past you ... you are at home here ... you feel safe and secure...
Now float to the top and let yourself rest on the surface again. Feel the rhythmic movement of the waves carry you and become one with your breathing ... Let your awareness expand and blend with the waves until you become one with the waves ...
Observe the spray that flies into the air, then mistily filters down again to join the wave ... Watch how free it is and how easily it gives of itself, knowing that no harm will come to it, knowing that it will return and once more become the wave ... Visualize yourself being as free and unconcerned as the ocean spray, trust the universe to take total care of you.

The sun is overhead, shining warmly. All about you are the reflections of the sunlight on water, like tiny suns, unique lights unto themselves that dance and move with the motion of the water ... allow your body to disperse itself further over the ocean surface ... stretch out and let the lights that are dancing over the surface dance over you as your body and the ocean surface blend and merge... Feel that you have become millions of tiny sparkling lights...
(Extended Pause)
Slowly, gently, begin to pull your body back together; leaving behind any distress, soreness or disease ... Very gently your body takes form again, floating once more on the surface of the ocean...

Now you may glide gently back to the beach again ... Feel the sand beneath you and let it run through your fingers. Stretch out in the sunlight and absorb the light of the life-giving sun ... then slowly let the scene fade from your mind...

Become aware of your breathing and of your body in this room ... Slowly begin to move hands and feet ... stretch your arms above your head and give your whole body a good stretch ... relax ... and when you are ready, open your eyes. Observe how you feel.

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