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The Lotus Seat   -  Padmasana 

 (Do not attempt this pose unless your joints are fairly limber – and NEVER force)

Sit on your mat and gently pull up one leg then placing it on opposite thigh as far as is comfortable.  Slowly bend the other leg and very carefully place on opposite thigh.  Remember never to push this movement.  Relax into this pose, letting go of all tension.

Keep your spine straight and place hands on your knees. Breathe gently.

If the full Lotus is not comfortable , you may wish to try the half lotus, by placing one foot against your groin then gently beding the other leg and placing the  foot on the opposite thigh (see image below) 




This posture promotes balance and harmony, it is one of the traditionally accepted poses for  pranayama and meditation, since your body remains comfortably relaxed without strain on the spine.




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