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The Plough  (Halasana)


The Plough

Lie on your back, arms by your side, palms down. Slowly raise your legs and trunk (as for the Inverted Pose). Keep legs as straight as possible. Supporting your back with your hands, continue lifting your legs and trunks up and over your head until the toes come to rest behind your head. Should you notice excessive tension in your back, spread your feet apart the first few times you do this exercise. Only when you are quite comfortable in this position, release the hold on your back and lay your arms flat on the floor. Hold only for ten seconds in the beginning. After your body becomes accustomed to this position, you may hold it longer. Very slowly unroll your body to the starting position.

NOTE: Please do not practice this asana if you have a spinal disc lesion.

EFFECT: Wonderful for the entire nervous system, the Plough results in instant removal of fatigue, listlessness and exhaustion. It corrects spinal deformities and affects the regeneration of chest, lungs and all abdominal organs. It is of particular benefit to diabetics, due to the regulating effect on the pancreas and endocrine glands.


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