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The Locust Pose  (Salabhasana)


Lying face down on your mat, rest your head on your forehead. Keep your arms alongside the body and make your hands into fists. Inhale and raise both legs, keeping the knees straight. Hold for 10 seconds. Exhale and slowly lower the legs. Relax and repeat twice. If you find this exercise too strenuous, you may raise one leg at a time until you can raise both legs comfortably.

EFFECT: This is a good posture for everyone. It stimulates digestion, relieves constipation and has a profound preserving effect on the kidneys. The spine and the entire back are strengthened.

Note: Practice of this posture affects the finer tissues and smaller blood vessels in the back. Just as locusts have a distinctive and highly developed faculty of “hopping high”, this asana sublimates many of the human being’s baser faculties.



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