Poems and Quotations  by Dr. Svami Purna .... and seekers of the Truth  Can't write anything.

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Love is like a spring, constantly renewing itself...

Love is like a spring, constantly renewing itself. It is a never ending energy.  Can you maintain such love? For that you must evolve.  Only when you reach a higher level of consciousness will you know what love actually is – and you will know your individual path.



Walk with Me


Mysterious, mystical, carefree, intriguing.....

I am this.

I am more for I have not set boundaries to limit me….

because there is more joy in exploring,

in defining a new realm,

in having an affair with life and time every single  moment.

                                                                 - Dr. Svami Purna -





Svamiji's Quote for Today

Love so pure and so divine

The blissful moment is mine

To know that height is thine

Yet feeling intense pain is fine


Truth ....


             The Truth

       is your Birthright 

No one can take it from you 

                                Svami Purna


Truth - timeless quote

If people could only learn to look at all religions with an open mind, they would soon realize that essence/truth never changes. Each religion originates from a high state of consciousness. Those that follow, however, being more limited, devalue what was once whole and pure. The human mind alone produces the differences.
  --Svami Purna --