Gaya is a rare and unique gift being offered by Sri Svamiji's Grace at the Sanctuary for Peace.
Through Sri Svamiji's Inspiration and Blessing, the Sanctuary for Peace now houses the shrine, Gaya, which acts as a doorway to the ancestral realms, offering you a more felt connection with your departed loved ones. Being near Gaya brings that deeper sense of connection with those who have passed, and allows for deeper mending to occur within the heart, mind, and soul. Connecting with your loved ones not only can bring peace, love, and serenity to you, but also to them.
The shrine, Gaya, was built with 100 stones. Since each of the stones will serve as a a constant connection to the Energy, Grace, and Blessings of Gaya, there opens up an opportunity for you to offer one of these stones to the shrine on behalf of a deceased loved one, your immediate family (for whoever has passed and for when certain members do), or for the 7 generations before and after you, such as the honoring of one's lineage during the tradition of Shraddha in India. This offering can bring innumerable blessings for them that can be seen as a rare connection to Grace that might not have happened otherwise in this stage of their evolution.

If you would like to make an offering to Gaya, on behalf of your deceased loved one(s), please do so below. Minimum suggested offerings range from (per stone), but can be made for any amount:
$108 - dedication for one deceased loved one
$501 - dedication for one’s immediate family
​$1008 - dedication for the 7 generations before and after