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Haiyan Typhoon in the Philippines


Phillipines Typhoon 1 w dropshadowThe Philippines have announced a state of national calamity as a result of the major catastrophic storm that was more powerful that previous storms combined. On November 8th 2013 Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms in recorded history, has affected millions of people in the Philippines and is estimated to have killed more than 10,000, according to official reports. The Philippines, not yet recovered from last month’s earthquake, were hit with winds over 200 mph and storm surges of 20 feet high in a 370 mile swathe across the countries many islands. While there was some awareness of the coming storm, the extent of the tsunami waves arrived completely unexpectedly according to reports and the area was torn apart, leaving great chaos and destruction.

Phillipines Typhoon 2 w dropshadowThe logistics of the spread out islands cause enormous difficulties. Some coastal cities, including Tacloban whose population is about 220,000, were almost completely flattened, which means that aid efforts around the country remain severely hindered. The Islands’ infrastructure is totally destroyed, roads are blocked, ferries do not run and the airports, covered in debris, are inaccessible. The unrelenting waters of this storm completely washed away many villages and small towns, leaving Tacloban, previously a thriving city, in total ruins. Hospitals are demolished, there is no food, no clean water, no power, no refrigeration, and over 600,000 people are displaced.

In short, it is a humanitarian situation requiring assistance at all levels…

The Philippines Red Cross in coordination with the military, the government and Aid agencies from all over the world are helping in the search for those still missing as well as trying to provide for the many left homeless and without basic necessities. Sadly lawlessness and looting are prevalent in these circumstances, as well as the threat of widespread disease.

Adhyatmik Foundation Inc (AF) is contributing to the relief and rehabilitation efforts required in every way practical through its many connections and local channels. Your support will enhance our relief efforts to provide:

How you can help: Please donate generously either by Paypal or by check, mailed to 106 Crestview Court, Hawley 18428, marking the donation with “Haiyan Typhoon Relief 2013


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