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Uttarkashi Disaster

Nestling in the Himalayan Region, Uttarkashi has special significance as a spiritual destination.  It is filled with natural beauty, attracting human interest to continue to recharge and uplift the spirit.  It is a place where  people should - ideally - visit but not occupy permanently.  On Friday, August 3rd 2012 torrential rainfalls wiped away signs of human development in an area that seemed to be a specific target while all around drought conditions continued.  The event vividly demonstrates – as in    other cases where nature has restated or regained her hold – the need for thoughtful care and to educate people to be more attuned to nature.  Sacred sites should be left in their natural states.

The floods caused heavy landslides in the state, washing away a stretch of the national highway. Families were evacuated from low lying regions of Uttarkashi to higher ground. There is further concern that the flood could also impact wider areas in the Jammu and Kashmir region. In Chenab, Tawi, Ujh and Basantar the rivers are nearing the danger mark. There is no electricity and clean water supply is minimal.  The area of Gangotri remains disconnected with rest of the world, as its connecting bridge was swept away by the flash flood.


Adhyatmik Foundation Inc (AF) is contributing to the relief and rehabilitation efforts required in every way practical. We are also in contact with a view to assist with training the local people to live with nature is a sustainable manner.

Your support will enhance our relief efforts to provide:

  • drinking water/purifiers
  • food;
  • blankets and clothing;
  • medical supplies;
  • temporary shelters and/or relocation for the homeless;

How you can help: Please donate generously either by Paypal or by check, marking the donation with “Uttarkashi Flood Relief 2012f”

Checks may be mailed to: Adhyatmik Foundation, Inc, 106 Crestview Court, FLF
Hawley, PA 18428, with the memo of “Uttarkashi Flood Relief 2012”



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