• The Truth Will Set You Free
    by Svami Purna

    "What is Truth? Many definitions have been offered in the course of time, yet it's meaning remains obscure.In "THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE" the essence of Truth is revealed to us through the light of Dr.Svami Purna's teachings. He illustrates clearly how this knowledge can be used to find the wholeness and happiness we seek in our daily lives. He gives repeated examples on how the human ego constantly works to undermine our way of growth - and how to overcome our shortcomings.

    Svami Purna has travelled and taught throughout the world. His message has universal appeal.

  • Balanced Yoga: The Twelve Week Programme
    by Dr. Purna Swami

    Correction of Author's Name  Amazon lists the author as Purna Swami - this is incorrect and refers to a different author.  As viewed on the title page, the correct spelling is: Dr. Svami Purna


  • Yoga (Practical Introduction Series)
    by Svami Purna

    This is one of the simplest and best books on yoga to start with.  You will not be overwhelmed with complicated poses;  yet, if done purposefully, you will notice the change in your body - and in your life.

  • The Call of the Sun: A Woman's Journey to the Heart of Wisdom
    by Surya Green

    Inspired by the teachings of Dr. Svami Purna,  The Call of the Sun  is Surya Green's  story of   'A Woman's Journey to the Heart of Wisdom'  

  • Eenie Meenie Beenie Bo
    by Dr Linda Spedding

    Dr. Linda spedding is Vice President of Adhyatmik Foundation Inc

    Beautifully written book and song, inspiring to all ages (not only to children).
    Definitely uplifting and inspiring, excellent gift if you want to share with a loved one.
                                                                                     -Sylvia Duart -