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The Power of the Living Presence

A Dialogue with His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna Maharaj


London January 2010

The program was a dialogue, in question and answer format, as per the ancient tradition of the highest teachings. It was a rare opportunity to hear Sri Svamiji share His wisdom, humor and light on a range of topics that related to every aspect of human life and the Path. Topics included - in alphabetical order:

  • Grace
  • Karma
  • Love
  • Mantra
  • Optimizing physical health
  • Prayer
  • Relationships
  • Surrender
  • Transcending obstacles to growth

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Photographs of Divine Grace Retreat

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Divine Grace Retreat  


A group of 125 people gathered together from all over the world for four extraordinary days in the beautiful and conducive natural forest area in the  Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania, August 6-10th. The group began by setting intentions to surrender with humility to the Presence of the Living Master, His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna Maharaj (Svamiji). When He arrived, Svamiji walked in on a white carpet strewn with red and white rose petals, signifying the love and devotion - and the purity of aspiration - of all those seekers who were present, respectively. Svamiji spoke for three days, imparting Knowledge that was of the highest - and rarest-  caliber and meaning, answering the most poignant questions about life and the spiritual path, and inspiring all who came in search of the Highest Knowledge and Wisdom. He touched the hearts of people so much that they cried out of sheer joy. He spoke in the  clearest and accessible manner, so that all present could comprehend the message, elucidating the Supreme Truth so that,, as one of the group mentioned,  the words, perhaps heard before elsewhere, now hit home with the tremendous force of a Tsunami. Such is the potency of His Presence, which carried His message into the hearts of all who attended the Retreat. Many had made great sacrifice to come, praying fervently for Grace to show them how to make it possible. None were disappointed. He spoke about the misconceptions that hinder the highest realizations, and what it takes to reach the realm of Bliss and Divine Realization in this lifetime. He talked about the most practical matters and helped them to bring the joy of laughter by his own embodiment of happiness and pure pleasure, as well as how to integrate the spiritual journey into daily life.


More than that, He Blessed each person present, speaking to the group of 125, and yet communicating to each in the most intimate and personal way. Many cried with joy, relief, reverence, bliss and devotion, as well as the purging of old emotions and patterns which were now being released. Some were stunned to meet a Being such as this, having never imagined that one such as He really existed, let alone that they would meet Him in this lifetime, in the United States, without even having to travel to the Himalayas.


The third day began with a discourse, in which Svamiji illuminated the power of absolute reliance on God, on the infinite power Grace. He initiated the group through several sacred mantras for purification, healing and attunement, and pledged to walk along life’s journey with each one of those assembled. The poignancy of this moment gripped the room, as Grace reached out to each person in the room simultaneously. Finally, the event was crowned with a celebration of the Guru, by way of Guru Purnima, the traditional time when one honors the Grace, Love and Guidance of the Guru, in this case, the Satguru (the Supreme Guru, who resides as your innermost Self, and who, out of compassion, has taken form as the living Master)… the Supreme Grace, without which nothing is possible. Each person stepped forward to receive a personal Blessing for their life and Path, along with Prasad and sacred thread. Many were overwhelmed or at least overcome with emotion and gratitude. The power of the ceremony moved everybody deeply. Even those who, unknowing, appeared reserved on the first day had lost all their reservation by the third day.





In the aftermath, many spoke of deepening realizations, and a sense of everything being different, as though this Blessing had removed major barriers along the Path and revealed or at least reinforced for each the ultimate purpose of life. For all, it seemed to set in motion a karmic cleansing process that is still continuing weeks afterwards, an unraveling and unlayering of the most familiar and limiting contractions of the heart and mind. There seems to be a sense for all that the contact with Svamiji had accelerated their spiritual unfoldment.










The visible contact with Svamiji will continue with a 2 hour live broadcast on Sunday 6th September, 2009, starting at 1pm Eastern Standard Time (USA). People from all over the world will be able to join us on that day, on which Svamiji will answer in-depth questions about the Path of Liberation, and transcending the obstacles to achieving one’s highest purpose in this lifetime. To receive the details and join the web broadcast, please email Emily Schulz on


Report on the August seminar in NYC with Svami Purna

Recent Event:

“In August Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna Maharaj came and spoke to a packed audience at the East West Center in New York City. Sincere spiritual seekers had flown from all over the country and from abroad for this rare one day retreat. Throughout the day there was pindrop silence and an atmosphere charged with reverence, perhaps a little awe (most had never imagined that a being such as Svamiji existed, let alone that they might actually get to meet such a being). There was surrender and extreme gratitude, as Svamiji spoke of the spiritual journey which is this life, and what it is all about. He shared many inspiring stories and anecdotes, taught mudras and mantras, answered individual questions and then gave a personal blessing at the end to every single one of the assembled audience. His Presence and His words were electrifying and life-changing for all who attended. No-one wanted to leave, or for the day to end. Of the many who I have spoken to since that weekend, most have spoken of how they feel quite profoundly different about their life after spending a little time in Svamiji’s Presence. As is the case for any sincere seeker, there is life before meeting Svamiji, and then life afterwards.”



Personal telephone consultation can be arranged with Svamiji on the basis of a donation of $101 per 15 minutes for time with Svamiji. Such donations, made out to Adhyatmik Foundation, Inc,  are to benefit the various humanitarian projects under Svamiji's guidance.

All donations are to be made through pay pal .



Seminars and Events

Once a year a retreat like this gives you opportunity to be away from the hassles of the world.
Especially when surrounded by nature you manifest differently, your perception is changed.
You are supposed to leave all your worldly issues behind; the whole idea is to look at life from
a different point of understanding.

The spiritual atmosphere is conducive to insight into your own self. In today’s commercial world this kind of event is precious and rare. The world is progressing ever more into materialism; even children today are focusing on 'having' this and that. It is a great pity to be exposed to this materialistic world, a very unfortunate aspect of modern world. Sometimes it becomes a very difficult job for the real spiritual master. It is important to have direct contact with the energy of the real master – not the virtual master… Seminars such as this one are a rare opportunity for a truly spiritual retreat.

Adhyatmik Foundation's annual July seminars in the romantic setting of the Transylvanian mountainside have become a focal event for seekers interested in spiritual advancement. The one week event is attended by seekers from all corners of the world, wishing to enrich their lives.

The recent seminar commenced on July 7th 2008 -and continued for a most inspiring and uplifting week. Excerpts of the talks given by Dr. Svami Purna will be given in the navigation link Extracts of Discourses