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Retreat at Lukan's August 2012

Once again a beautiful reetreat took place at the Lukan Farm Resort in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  Just a few images to commemorate ths beautiful weekend dedicated to the celebration of Guru Purnima.






Retreat at Lukan's Resort August 2011



Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce that the images from the Retreat at Lukan’s august 2011 are now online for your perusal.

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Note:  Please be aware that this is not a commercial photo-ordering site.  85% of the listed  fees go directly to Adhyatmik Foundation as a DONATION.

The names of the event are:

  • Lukans august 2011 Svami Purna
  • Guru Purnima 2011
  • Havan 2011

You will find the individual events in the drop down menu on the left.  There are a total of 388 images and I do hope that you will find those that are meaningful to you.

I have made an effort to include each and every one of you during Havan and Guru Purnima celebration.

Please see some images below:





Webcast Januaray 16th 2011 - London


If knowledge dominates your Life, ego becomes its servant



Retreat at Skytop, Poconos, Pennsylvania  


Yet another three-day event in the Presence of HH Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna Maharaj attended by 150 members and devotees.  The event, highlighted by Svamiji's talks and imparted wisdom was augmented by a Guru Purnima Celebration - paying homage to the guru - by a Walking Meditation and followed by a Havan Ceremony and Personal Darshan.




  Brian N. mages



- Sri Svami Purna Ji Maharaj, doctor of medicine, psychology, philosophy and literature


Photographs of the Retreat at Lukan's Resort

A few images from the April Retreat at Lukan's Resort  in the Pocono Mountains.  More  photos can be seen and purchased through our efotolab website

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