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Spring Retreat 2013

Yet another beautiful and blessed weekend at Lukan's Farm Resort, celebrating the presence of Sri Svamiji and His perennial teachings - with offerings of dance, acting and song.

A dedication of several performances to the Satguru 

Isha is performing a beautiful dance depicting scenes from the life of Lord Krishna


We witnessed a performance of a scene from the epic The Ramayana.  It depicts the last hour of the Demon King Ravana who has been been vanquished by Lord Rama.  Lord Rama sends his brother Lakshman to learn form the dying Ravana.  At first Lakshman resents having to ask advice from the dying Demon King- after all, he is a demon, what can he teach me?  However when he approaches Ravana in humility, asking to be taught, Ravana offers this perennial advice:

Always do the positive and good deeds immediately and

leave all the meaningless and negative tasks until later. 




and further offerings of songs and dedicated lyrics


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