Approach and Philosophy:

The focus of Adhyatmik Foundation has always been on a balanced and healthy approach to life, with  emphasis on wholesome lifestyle changes both through workshops and publications.

From the time the organization commenced activities in 1983, the Foundation has been concerned with the development of educational and charitable activities that are cross-cultural and represent a practical global understanding.

It has always been concerned with making available the kind of advice and teaching that would not be available easily. It is designed to reach the understanding of all, even the very young and the very old.

Therefore the officers have translated and made accessible traditional thoughts and texts – particularly from the Sanskrit and Vedic tradition – so that they can be easily understood by all (see Amazon Link and Book Order Forms).

The objective is to open the doors of that knowledge to enable people of all traditions and beliefs, age, origin or gender, to develop and to enhance their understanding or meaning in life.   This knowledge can then be applied in achieving a healthy life-work balance.

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