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 In all the symbolism  of different cultures and religions, there is one image that stands out - the image of a large tree.  Whether known as the  Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Life, or Tree of Learning, the tree stands as a representative for the qualities of strength, stability and growth and renewal.  In olden days village life often took place around a huge tree in the village center where people met, where disputes were resolved and where justice was meted out.  The tree was considered witness and advisor… 

The Banyan Tree (Ficus Bengalensis)  is the archetypal example.   Native to the sub Indian continent, it is often referred to as King of Forests.  This is particularly apt, for the Banyan Tree is unique in both the plant kingdom as well as in symbology.

The Banyan Tree has a fascinating growth pattern: From its roots the trunk shoots up, spreading into long branches, which in turn grow aerial roots that stretch into the ground where new shoots develop, maturing into new trunks again... thus the process continues.  This unusual growth pattern enables the Banyan Tree to spread over a huge area, creating many individual “chambers” under its leafy green canopy.   A single tree can become a forest by itself, spreading its sheltering vault to a vast 1000 feet in diameter.  In its grace, stability and noble simplicity the Banyan Tree  truly makes its own statement.

It is not difficult to see the resemblance to the spiritual student or aspirant.  As the roots of the Banyan Tree spread, so the knowledge and experience gained by the seeker spread to those around him and his environment.  Similarly, as such a robust tree is able to withstand any wind or rain due to the strong roots firmly planted into the ground, so the seeker himself is less easily blown off course by life's crosswinds. The tree becomes a teacher in itself. 

What better place to convey spiritual truths and to instruct in the Mysteries of Life than under the majestic vault of this great Master.  As indeed it had been the practice in ancient India .

Like the Banyan Tree, Adhyatmik Foundation strives to grow in many directions,  continuously growing into a stronger and healthier body through the personal dedication and commitment of individual members. The Sanskrit name adhyatmik stands for everything that is growth enhancing.       



This website is dedicated to the serious seeker of Truth.  You will find many branches to explore:  Talks,  discourses and discussions, stories for young and old,  as well as short quotations. Those interested in hands-on aspects, will find descriptions of yoga exercises and Guided Imagery in word and audio for health and relaxation. Please explore the navigation bar on the right for your particular topics of interest.

It is part of Adhyatmik Foundation's objectives and goals to encourage Preventive Health and Stress Management  for a healthy mind in a healthy body !                      


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A banyan (also banian) is a fig that starts its life as an epiphyte when its seeds germinate in the cracks and crevices on a host tree or on buildings and bridges. I am very happy to knew about banyan tress more through your post
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